Jeff Phillips Mitsubishi - Formerly Charlotte Mitsubishi

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I am glad that I found this website. I purchased a 2003 Ford Taurus from Charlotte Mitsubishi last year. I initially looked at a 2006 Kia, however they stated that because of my credit history, they stated that they could only find a bank to finance the Taurus. They did - to their credit - explain the interest rate - which was high and the terms. I was a little skeptical because the vehicle was no warranty, but they assured me that the previous owner took excellent care of it and that if I had a problem, they would make good.

Within the first month, the heater stopped working. I called them and they fixed it. Then, 2 months after that, the car would not start. I took it to a mechanic that found that the cam shaft and the starter went out - $690. The dealership refused to help with the charges saying a bad camshaft would not have been able to be detected by the mechanic.

One month after that, the car would not move out of the driveway. It would not crank up at all. Took it to a mechanic and -- the transmission went out - $800.

So I called the dealership who stated that they are now Jeff Phillips Mistubishi and are not honoring any previous arrangements made by Charlotte Mitsubishi. They gave me the number to the previous owner's new dealership. I called there - he refused to get on the phone and the secretary that answered the phoned stated she did not know his last name.

So, not only am I in an upside down loan, I also ended up paying an additional $1500 in repairs that I could not afford.

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